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About Tuina

Medical Tuina is a therapy performed by a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine. The treatment method effectively stimulates the meridians, acupoints, muscles, ligaments, and joints with various techniques of Tuina, such as kneading muscles and loosening acupuncture points, to improve stiffness and pain, as well as to improve the function of internal organs and restore physical ailments. Stimulation from outside the body is transmitted to internal organs, smoothing the circulation of blood and "気" (Qi) throughout the body, increasing metabolism, restoring biological functions, and enhancing natural healing power. The muscles of the whole body become soft, immunity is improved It prevents disease and cancer. Tuina also has a tranquilizing effect and is ideal for relaxation.
On the other hand, there are many folk remedies (manipulative, relaxing) for what is generally called tuina and massage in Japan. People Japan prefer acupressure and seem to feel good when pressed hard. However, these procedures often push the muscles, which if continued for a long time, will thin the arteries, veins, and capillaries in the muscles. Blood flow is weakened. The metabolism weakens. Immunity decreases. Liver and kidneys become weak. The muscles of the body become stiff. The likelihood of getting sick, the likelihood of getting cancer.

Tuina is a treatment that gently loosens meridians, acupuncture points, muscles, ligaments, and joints little by little.